Snopes Patriot Survival Plan h.r 8791 - homeland terrorism preparedness bill, Apparently rep. john haller is reviewing a bill being voted on. h.r 8791 (homeland terrorism preparedness bill) pay close attention to what is said between. obama’s agenda: overwhelm the system, obama's agenda: overwhelm the system yes, wayne allyn root's statement below has been "correctly attributed" Snopes exposed dont use snopes do not use snopes! : dr, Snopes exposed don’t use snopes – do not use snopes! i might add they have reported to the justice department with regard to not telling the truth about aspartame.

Why i don't use snopes anymore. - nesara- republic now, Okay i read the entire story at the link provided. i still see no foul committed by snopes based on the article. it merely informs as to what they do.. Snopes fraud - elena kagan supreme court nomination cover-up, Received via email ----- it has been known for sometime in informed circles that snopes is just another cover for fraud, a propaganda outlet funded. Survival gear - uscrow, These survival items have been tested and used by uscrow personnel down-range and in the field. we ensure the survival and preparation products listed on uscrow meet.

Obama ready to "shutdown" 16 u.s. states » the free patriot, The free patriot is your top conservative and libertarian news source bringing you breaking news, entertainment, and truth in media.. The immoral minority: not warren buffet's plan to fix, Well, it may express american's frustrations, but it has a few facts wrong, so i wouldn't be so sure it's warrren buffet's plan. - social security: it. If technology fails, just how long are your long range plans?, The following article has been generously contributed by tom chatham, author of the newly released book the american dream lost – economic survival strategy for a.

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